The Seaport just got Sweeter

Tatte Bakery & Café to open its Seaport location at PIER 4


We are thrilled to announce that we’ve signed a lease with Tzurit Or, owner of Boston favorite Tatte Bakery and Café. Tatte will open on the ground-floor of the PIER 4 office building, contributing to the development’s approximately 40,000-square-feet of retail and bringing its full-service, fast-casual breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch (available all-day, Friday- Sunday) to the Seaport.

Tatte’s food and pastries owe their unique appearance and exceptional flavor to carefully sourced raw ingredients, Tzurit’s culinary artistry, and a passionate team of people who truly love creating, cooking and baking. Read the below Q&A to learn about Tatte, Tzurit, and her team’s dedication to culinary excellence.


Q: Why the Seaport?

A: The Seaport is a neighborhood we would love to be a part of. It’s bustling with young professionals, families, and exciting growing companies. We wanted to be located at Pier 4; it’s a slice of green heaven on the waterfront. 


Q: Where does the name Tatte come from? Why did you start?

A: Tatte is how my daughter [then a year old] pronounced grandma in Hebrew – I loved the sound of it and the meaning behind it.

I started Tatte to create a life here in the U.S for my daughter and me. I needed Boston to feel like home, and I needed great pastries and food to be part of the life we live here. I grew up making and baking food, but I couldn’t find the pastries here, or a place I could have real indulging breakfast any day of the week as early as 7am. I also didn’t come across an absolutely perfect croissant, or an exciting brunch that was served 7am – 8pm, Friday – Sunday, so I set out to create all those things.


Q: What’s your favorite meal or baked good? Do you have a signature ingredient?

A: My favorite meal would be breakfast/brunch. I love our morning pastries and our egg in a hole in our house-made Jerusalem bagel. I eat it every day. Our breakfast sandwich is a massive hug for your belly and heart.

Some of our signature ingredients are our halva, dates, zaatar, special cheese that we bring from Israel, our house-made pistachio paste, and the other hard-to-find ingredients that we source from Europe.


Q:  Once we stepped into Tatte, we immediately understood why it is so popular. Did you ever anticipate such rapid growth since starting in 2007? How many locations do you now have?

A: Tatte is home. It hugs you and allows you to enjoy yourself. Each Tatte has its own individual sense of identity, feel, and style, yet each location stays true to the original spirit – to what Tatte is all about.

I did not think or plan to build an empire – I was looking to create a place that I could call home and feel a sense of belonging. I wanted to gather great people around me and allow many others to join me and find home, and that is what we did!

 Tatte PIER 4 will be our 9th location in Boston.


Q: In addition to its delicious food, we love Tatte’s sleek interiors. What’s your décor inspiration?

A: I love designing Tatte and challenge myself with every space we are in. My inspiration is my life journey and places I’ve visited as a film producer and as an avid traveler. My creative brief for Tatte from day one was to create a clean, bright, and welcoming space that allows the food, pastries, and people to shine. Each location must be comfortable and welcoming.

 Our mission is to inspire and touch every person, neighborhood, and city with our experience through our food, our passion, and our culture. I strive to bring Tatte’s unique experience – the cuisine and the atmosphere – to every Tatte location.


While developing PIER 4, Tishman Speyer has placed a significant amount of attention and detail into attracting local retailers that will bring something unique to the Seaport. Tzurit joins restaurateur Kristin Canty at PIER 4. Canty, well-known for Woods Hill Table, an organic restaurant located in Concord, MA, signed a lease with Tishman Speyer at the PIER 4 residential building in late 2017. We look forward to announcing more retailers that will bring additional vitality to the community.